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Dust explosion


VST Engineering, spol. s r.o.
Semtín 79
533 53 Pardubice

Phone: +420 464 646 414
Fax: +420 464 646 415
E-mail: vst@vst.cz


01. 04. 2016 POWTECH 2016

Company VST Engineering will attend POWTECH in Norimberk on 19.4.2016 - 21.4.2016.

07. 01. 2016 VST becomes stronger

Company VST Engineering has successfully completed the construction of a completely new storage space.

06. 10. 2015 SOLIDS 2015

Company VST Engineering will attend SOLIDS in Dortmund on 4.11.2015 - 5.11.2015.

Passive valve

Explosion separation - ANTIDET Dumper passive valve


VST Engineering uses an ANTIDET Dumper personal protective system to safeguard the mechanical separation of an explosion.


What does the ANTIDET Dumper system do?

The ANTIDET Dumper protective system is a passive valve that provides the unidirectional separation of an explosion (fire and pressure) that spreads from the inlet lines to the upstream facility. It is a passive element that closes the pipeline and isolates the explosion.
The facility itself is often safeguarded by explosion venting or by an explosion suppression system.


What are the components of the system?

The ANTIDET Dumper system comprises its own reflux valve that is situated within a suitable distance upstream on its inlet line. Every valve may be electively equipped with a closing signal.


What is the function of the system?

In an explosion that spreads through pipelines, pressure advances before the flame. In a certain, so-called pre-set distance, their interval is sufficient enough that the pressure wave manages to close the valve before the flame arrives. In doing so, both facilities are separated and the further spread of flame and pressure through the pipeline is prevented.

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