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VST Engineering, spol. s r.o.
Semtín 79
533 53 Pardubice

Phone: +420 464 646 414
Fax: +420 464 646 415
E-mail: vst@vst.cz


01. 04. 2016 POWTECH 2016

Company VST Engineering will attend POWTECH in Norimberk on 19.4.2016 - 21.4.2016.

07. 01. 2016 VST becomes stronger

Company VST Engineering has successfully completed the construction of a completely new storage space.

06. 10. 2015 SOLIDS 2015

Company VST Engineering will attend SOLIDS in Dortmund on 4.11.2015 - 5.11.2015.

About company

The VST Engineering Company deals with analysing risks, preventative measures and protection of industrial facilities against dust explosions. The activities of VST Engineering are therefore always directed towards the safe operation of your facilities without the risk of long-term failures and economic losses during extraordinary event, as an explosion most certainly is. This equally guarantees an adequate safety level of your workers, which is always of principle importance.


VST Engineering safeguards industrial equipment used in technological facilities exclusively using their personal protective systems, developed by the company, manufacture, and where appropriate, the notified body performed a conformity assessment, so they meet current legislative requirements and they are now covering a full range of protective systems for suppression, venting and separation of dust explosions.


In this procedure VST Engineering see their future and your benefits. Therefore, we will continue to develop our own technologically leading products and provide essential services in the field of dust explosion, such as proposals of organizational and technical measures, installation of protective systems and their service.