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Dust explosion


VST Engineering, spol. s r.o.
Semtín 79
533 53 Pardubice

Phone: +420 464 646 414
Fax: +420 464 646 415
E-mail: vst@vst.cz


01. 04. 2016 POWTECH 2016

Company VST Engineering will attend POWTECH in Norimberk on 19.4.2016 - 21.4.2016.

07. 01. 2016 VST becomes stronger

Company VST Engineering has successfully completed the construction of a completely new storage space.

06. 10. 2015 SOLIDS 2015

Company VST Engineering will attend SOLIDS in Dortmund on 4.11.2015 - 5.11.2015.

Venting panel

Explosion venting



VST Engineering uses an ANTIDET Relief personal protective system to safeguard the facility by venting a dust explosion.


What does the ANTIDET Relief system do?

The ANTIDET Relief protective system serves to relieve the explosion pressure and other products of an explosion into the environment of the protected facility. It is a passive element and does not in any way involve itself in the burning process during an explosion.

As all explosion venting systems require a delineation of a sufficient safety zone for venting explosion products, which forbid the presence of individuals, barriers, or environment at risk of an explosion. It further requires the integration with the explosion venting system.


What are the components of the system?

ANTIDET Relief is a series of circular and rectangular bursting membranes in a stainless steel construction. Each bursting element may be electively equipped with an open signal. Membranes may further be equipped with also other components for extinguishing an explosion flame (see ANTIDET FQ Relief).


What is the function of the system?

The origination of an explosion is accompanied by an increase in pressure. Each bursting element has a defined pressure value upon which it opens (ruptures). This opens a route for the drainage of explosion products outside of the facility into a safe area.


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