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VST Engineering, spol. s r.o.
Semtín 79
533 53 Pardubice

Phone: +420 464 646 414
Fax: +420 464 646 415
E-mail: vst@vst.cz


01. 04. 2016 POWTECH 2016

Company VST Engineering will attend POWTECH in Norimberk on 19.4.2016 - 21.4.2016.

07. 01. 2016 VST becomes stronger

Company VST Engineering has successfully completed the construction of a completely new storage space.

06. 10. 2015 SOLIDS 2015

Company VST Engineering will attend SOLIDS in Dortmund on 4.11.2015 - 5.11.2015.


VST Engineering provides wide range of services for design, realization and maintainance of protective systems.


Explosions protection document (EPD)

Elaborating of Explosion Protection Document according to 99/92/EC (ATEX 137) directive.


Risk analysis and precautions proposals

Definition of all potentially hazardous parts of technology according to processed material, local and operational conditions. Proposal of preventive and protective precautions for lowering the risk.


Pressure resistivity simulations

Counting and simulations of pressure resistivity including structural improvements for increasing the resistivity.



Creating the design documentation, data for supervising authorities, projects of protective systems installations.


Installations, revisions, service and staff training

Installations of the protective systems on the technological devices, periodical revisions made for its faultless function, service for prompt restoration of the systems after activation, changing and repairing of the components. Staff training for safe operating of the protective systems and dust explosion theory trainings.