Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Information on the processing of personal data.

I. Introductory Provisions

This document ‘Information on Personal Data Processing’ (hereinafter referred to as information on processing’) was created in compliance with European Parliament and Council Directive (EU) no. 2016/679 from 27.04.16 on the protection of physical persons in relation to personal data processing and on free transfer of the data and on the termination of directive 95/46/ES (hereinafter referred to se GDPR) together with Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection (hereinafter referred to as ‚ZOOU‘), and related regulations.

General Terms

Personal data – particularly:

Name and surname, addressing, ID no., Tax ID, academic title, address, mailing address, telephone number, email address, data box ID, IP address (visiting web pages), bank account, network, electronic and other identifications, and data to identify the subject or the possibility to identify the subject.

List of personal data does not have to be complete, e.g. if you deliver documents containing other personal data (it relates mostly to personal data which we do not require but process due to processing the complete documents). We can also process personal data which you provide within email or telephone or personal communication.

Personal Data Administrator: VST Engineering, spol. s r.o., Semtín 79, 533 53 Pardubice, ID: 25264087, contact e-mail:

Subjekt údajů: The natural person whose personal data the controller processes.

Personal Data Administrator provides information on personal data processing and the rights off the data subjects related to the processing of personal data.

The administrator did not appoint any representatives for personal data protection.

II. Personal Data Processing Method

The administrator completes the processing of personal data himself or with the help of processors. The administrator receives your personal data from you or from publically available sources (registries, records), from the state bodies or based on special legal regulations. The processors process personal data in compliance with the instructions of the administrator and pay attention to the protection identically to the administrator.

We process personal data in paper form and with IT; in both cases we pay attention to observing safety principles for personal data processing. Personal data protection includes technical-organisation measures with the aim to protect the processed personal data and prevent unauthorised access, damage, loss, destruction, unauthorised processing, and other forms of personal data abuse. Personal data are available to third parties based on your consent or based on legal obligation.

The processing period depends on individual contractual negotiations defined in the consents with personal data processing and legal regulations which apply to processing, considering the period required to archive personal data as per legal regulations.

III. Legal Title Relating to Processing of Personal Data

The administrator processes your personal data:

  1. Within the authorised interest of the administrator, e.g. due to potential risk of court disputes.
  2. For the purposes of legal regulations – e.g. in relation to work-legal regulations, accounting management, etc.
  3. Based on your consent, for the purposes defined in the respective consent with personal data processing.

The processing period depends on individual contractual negotiations defined in the consents with personal data processing and legal regulations which apply to processing, considering the period required for archiving personal data as per legal regulations.

IV. Further Information

  1. Please consider that at the moment you provide personal data to the administrator, the personal data processing starts or has started by the administrator.
  2. Please consider that personal data will be processed within the required scope and archived even after the processing based on current legal regulations (e.g. contractual relation, withdrawal of the consent, etc.), if required by law, or if further processing is in authorised interest of the data administrator or third person. Further processing will last for 36 months or for the period required by valid legal regulations (considering the recommendations from the bodies and offices).
  3. You provided true and accurate information.
  4. Your personal data will not be transferred to third countries and international organisations, except in cases when required by law or you were informed.
  5. No automated decision making or profiling occurs during personal data processing.

V. Rights Related to Personal Data Processing

  1. If personal data processing is completed based on the consent with personal data processing, you have a right to withdraw your consent with personal data processing. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. The consent with the withdrawal does not affect personal data processing based on a different legal base.
  2. You have a right to:
    1. Be informed on the processing of your personal data and require detailed information on the nature and scope of processing.
    2. Require access to personal data from personal data administrator.
    3. Require the correction of provided personal data.
    4. Require the deleting of provided personal data – the requests are assessed considering the legal base of personal data processing.
    5. Require the restriction of personal data processing.
    6. File a complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7,
  3. You can also object to the processing. If the personal data administrator does not comply with the objection, you are entitled to contact directly the Office for Personal data Protection. This provision does not affect your right to contact directly the Office for Personal data Protection.
  4. Your requests are settled without undue delay at the latest within 30 days from sending the request.
  5. The data administrator is entitled to account adequate charge for the administration costs or refuse to comply with the request in case of clearly unreasonable and repeated requests.

VI. Final Provisions

  1. All legal relations formed in relation to the personal data processing are governed by legislation of Czech Republic.
  2. The wording of this document can be changed or amended by the personal data administrator; valid wording is available on the administrator’s web pages.
  3. The information related to personal data protection become effective on 1. 1. 2020.

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