Dust explosion risks

Dust explosion is not an everyday event; however the risk should not be underestimated. Frequent consequences include extensive damages to the technological devices and buildings; however the explosions pose a risk to health and lives of employees.

What is explosion?

Explosion and/or detonation is a supersonic flame propagation preceded by an exponential pressure rise in the system. It occurs when an explosive mixture (e.g. dust and air) gets ignited by a spark or heat. The bad news is that such explosion risk is present in every branch of industry!

Is your industrial process exposed
to dust explosion risk?

If you process, handle or storage small particles, the answer is YES. The following substances create explosible dust when mixed with air: coal, lignite, sulfur, carbon, resin, biomass, cereal and related products, sugar, dry milk, bone and meat powder, fodder mixtures, plastic materials, metal dust (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc, and their alloys), and other similar materials.

If such dust/air mixture is contained and ignited it shall explode. The most frequent ignition sources include sparks of mechanical origin, hot surface, flame and electrostatic discharge. Some ignition sources cannot be excluded from the process and some only with great difficulties and costs.

Is it possible to eliminate the explosion hazard in your process?

Certainly YES. It is the sole purpose of our SAFETY SYSTEMS. All our systems are designed, produced, tested, installed and serviced by us, VST ENGINEERING. All relevant certifications are in place, i.e. all systems are ATEX Certified and NFPA Compliant

Let us help you protect your people, property and brand name by embracing the dust explosion risk in a highly professional, sophisticated, yet economic way.


We secure
all industrial processes

Dust explosion risk is present in every industrial process where small particles are processed, handled or stored. Dust explosion protection systems are designed to prevent property damage as well as protect health and life of employees. Our unique safety systems utilize the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology and are tailored to be used in most industrial processes.

Typical industries with high risk of dust explosion are: heating plants, power plants, mills, sugar refineries, production of fodder mixtures, silos, production of plastic materials, furniture, powder paint shops etc.
Processes with mechanical or pneumatic transportation, crushing and grinding, drying and mixing, aspiration or separation of dust, dust storage or storage of dusty materials most definitely pose a risk of dust explosion.




Power plants, heating plants, waste incinerators, biofuel production, fuel preparation, biomass processing, cement plants



Breweries and malt plants, sugar plants, production of sweets and biscuits, production of instant products, bakeries, distilleries and liqueur production, milk drying plants


Chemistry and

Production of polystyrene, production of plastic materials, production of fertilizers, production of powder paints and pigment, processing of sludge, production of medicines.


Wood processing

Paper plants, production of pellets, production of wood chips, production of furniture


and aviation

Production of car parts, production of plastic die-castings, processing of casting



Mills, cereal cleaning, post harvest cereal lines, production of fodder mixtures, tabaco industry, rendering

We secure
all devices

Dust explosion should not be ignored even if the industrial branch is not directly categorized as risky. Many devices which are auxiliary to the main process also pose a significant hazard. This includes mills, crushers, filters, separators, elevators, pneumatic transport devices, tanks, silos, cyclones and driers.


Grinding, mixing,
and crushing

Mills, crushers, hammer mills,
squeezers, mixers


and sorting

Sorters, separators,
screening machines, cyclones


and drying

Silos, storage tanks,
drying plants, milk driers



Filters, cyclofilters, industrial vacuum cleaners, aspiration



Screw conveyors, Redler conveyors, elevators, shaftless conveyors, powder transporters, down flow pipes



Mixers, malaxators, rotapulsers,
scales, reactors…

We are proud to offer a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology to secure your property, employees and brand name against dust explosion. Each solution is tailored to your specific industrial and economical needs.
All systems are ATEX Certified and NFPA Compliant.

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the devices and operations
against dust explosion.

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