We provide
complete range of services

Safety of operations, devices, and human lives is our priority. We provide complete range of services related to the safety systems to prevent dust explosion. From the initial project phase to the safety system design, implementation, regular service, and maintenance of the safety systems.

Analýza rizik

Risk analysis

Thorough dust explosion analysis incl. recommendation of preventive measures

Each industrial process is assessed with respect to the materials, construction and operating conditions. Preventive and/or mitigation measures are recommended and documented as per the respective ATEX/NFPA standard.


Návrh zabezpeční

Tailored safety solution

A complete design of protective system is tailored to your needs

Based on the supplied samples of dust, its combustible characteristics and parameters are defined for each process. The most efficient and economical method of securing the facility against dust explosion is then proposed including detailed project documentation for the Authority Having Jurisdiction / Notified Body. All Systems are ATEX Certified and NFPA Compliant


Výpočty tlakové odolnosti

Pressure resistance

All required calculations are carried out

Calculations of pressure resistance are required to define a specific level for the each device, including potential design adjustments via a detailed 3D model.




Each dust explosion protection system is properly installed

Each tailored solution is installed by VST ENGINEERING and operators are trained as required. Furthermore a generic training on combustible dust explosion is provided to our clients, incl ATEX/NFPA regulations.




VST ENGINEERING shall perform a regular maintenance of all systems

Periodic checks and full maintenance is provided with each safety system to ensure a defect-free operation throughout its lifetime. A professional replacement and/or repair of components is done immediately after each system activation.


Technická podpora

Technical support

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year

Critical situations do not always happen at convenient times. Our clients enjoy the benefit of non-stop service including a field technician.


Approach your business with responsibility

Explosion is not just a theoretical risk. Together we can protect
your employees, property, and good name of your company.

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